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Kickstarter Request: Apple MagSafe 2 <-> MagSafe 1 Adapter

If you’re like me, you pride yourself with the MagSafe adapters you have; one or two permanently located in each room of your house.

And if you’re like me, you’re pissed that future MacBooks will now rely on a new, non-backwards compatible, MagSafe 2.

Instead of buying an entirely new set, I’m hoping someone comes out with an adapter that’ll let us use our MagSafe 1 adapters with the new MacBooks.

Kickstarter. Where you at?

@Apple is going to treat 2012 a little differently, and this is why.

I foresee a huge year for Apple product releases, new iPad aside. In fact, I think they’re going to change up their normal “hold this product till next quarter to milk the fan base and keep the launches consistent” theme and go all out.


  1. Tim Cook has something to prove - Despite having the highest CEO rating, and being rated even higher than Jobs by Apple employees, there is still that feeling of “is he just launching things Jobs had already lined up?” If he wants to nip these whispers in the bud, he needs to launch more products than even necessary this year. I think Apple will overkill the launch lineup.
  2. Apple’s stock is in momentum mode and they should keep this going - At the time of this post, AAPL is going for $605 a share. Ridiculous right? What’s crazier is that people are looking at this number unsatisfied, as if it were a game - “what if Apple were worth a Trillion dollars! *pinky to mouth*”. In the last 5 trading days, AAPL has gone down $25 a share, but this is fine; investors need to breathe for a sec - they’ll be back after the next product launches.
  3. The Apple Ecosystem is almost at full circuit - While iCloud is keeping your Apple devices synced up, AirPlay via Apple TV is keeping you engaged. When Mountain Lion comes out, you’ll find more people buying AirPlay simply for Mirroring. Why not launch a few products that can market how the new OS, Apple TV, and AirPlay products work in harmony?
  4. The iPhone and iPad are gateway drugs and with iOS UX being ported back into Apple Mac OS, PC users with iPhones around the world are going to think twice when buying their next computer.

I’m not an Apple fanboy by any means, but I hope all of the above takes place; it’s always a win-win for technologists when the big players up the ante with true innovation.



@Square is more than just a card reader…

It has come to my attention that every company is starting to build their own version of Square.

Guess what ya’ll - Square isn’t just a piece of hardware connected to a mobile phone, running a calculator app. It’s more than that. It’s elegance. It’s actually caring about the user experience from start to finish.

Don’t believe me?

Go to https://squareup.com/, and then visit the landing pages of the other companies that are building their versions. The look and feel of the landing pages are a reflection of what a user is going to feel every time they swipe their card.

Word of advice to you me-toos: You better go all in if you’re trying to go head to head with Square…because if you don’t, you may find Square to be the iPad, while all the rest of you are “the other tablets.”



All this talk about the iPad 3…What about a MacBook Touch?

When are we going to see touch based Apple computers? Clearly the OS is moving in that direction - especially with the Lion line.

I guess what I’m really eager to see is how Apple pulls off a traditionally wonky experience, to a slick one.

Dear Apple, here’s a “folder” suggestion…

One thing that bothers me about organizing things on my iPhone is the folder limitations. For instance, I probably have about 30+ games on my phone…and stuffing them into folders named Games and Games and Games is 1) not intuitive 2) not intuitive.

Some folks don’t even like organizing their phone because it’s hard for them to recall which “box” the app they’re trying to find lives in. I’m one of them, but I’ve forced myself to use an incredible amount of brain power to remember where Facebook and Instagram are.

But…back go to my rant at hand.

Why can’t we just have folders that allow for any number of apps and are all accessible via swipe? I mean, the parent level already does that so doesn’t it just make sense? We could even keep the max for each page at 12 apps, I don’t mind, just let me swipe. Yea, I know, you can use “Search iPhone” or argue that “it takes more clicks than if you went to the correct folder.” But guess what…1) search is often slow and 2) it may take less clicks if I find the right folder, but I’ll probably brain fart before getting to that folder, by trying to remember what I named the folder. Sound confusing? Good, because it is.

I don’t want to categorize my games by “Games RPG”, “Games Puzzles”, “Games Action”, etc. That requires me to think, and that’s not good. Let me just drop it into Games and swipe through it myself.

Thanks for listening. :)