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I’ve had my Fitbit for several weeks now and it has done a great job in helping me regulate my food intake. Additionally, it has pushed me to choose walking over driving in many instances, finally getting me to a place where I’m walking several miles a day. The big joke with my friends is that I park my car far away, take random detours when walking, and get us lost on purpose, all so I can increase my Fitbit stats.

The funny thing is, is that it’s true.

"I don’t always walk in circles, but when I do, it’s because of Fitbit." ~R

TestFlight Re-Register Loop?

If you’re a TestFlight user, you know:

  1. How awesome TestFlight is, and,
  2. How easy it is to use once you’re up and running.

That said, when I updated to iOS 5 on GM day, I discovered a very annoying problem - TestFlight required that I re-register before every install….EVERY. At the time, there weren’t any solutions to the newly discovered problem, and eventually, I got used to the tedious process…

That is, until now!


So here I am sitting down with my laptop when I get a TestFlight email notification from my wife ( cc/ Mimmie Huang )

Me: It’s so annoying that I still have to re-register before installing a build on TestFlight.

Mimmie: Yea, other people have reported that too…

Me: [ is simultaneously googling “testflight have to reregister” and clicks on the first link that looks helpful ]

Me: …wow babe. So I google to see if there’s a fix…and I end up encountering YOU on the webpage. LOL

Mimmie: Hah. I told you. I’ve been trying to help you guys!

// END

It’s always funny when you accidentally run into your friends’ work on the internet. It’s even funnier when that person is your wife.

Enjoy:  http://support.testflightapp.com/discussions/problems/1124-reregistering-often


GoDaddy. Let it go.

It has officially been 8 days since I’ve taken the steps to transfer my GoDaddy domain over to Namecheap, but the transfer is still stuck in progress with a message that says:

Transfer in progress - romymacasieb.com. is awaiting release from current registrar. No actions required, please allow up to 5 days for the transfer to complete.

Thanks to a TechCrunch article that went out yesterday, I can see why:

Because its support eventually led to a mass exodus of customers, the company faced accusations of purposefully slowing down domain transfers, and even got to the point where it had representatives call users transferring domains, begging them to stay.

That’s not all. Other things that we all saw coming:

  • Mass Exodus - Yea, if lil ol’ me transferred, you KNOW tons of others did, too.
  • Spike - This is laughable. Spike is probably a serious understatement.

and finally…

  • Go Daddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities.”

Wrong. Go Daddy opposes SOPA because they pulled a Qwikster. Seriously, don’t sugar coat it, the damage is done.

If you break it, you buy it.