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GoDaddy. Let it go.

It has officially been 8 days since I’ve taken the steps to transfer my GoDaddy domain over to Namecheap, but the transfer is still stuck in progress with a message that says:

Transfer in progress - romymacasieb.com. is awaiting release from current registrar. No actions required, please allow up to 5 days for the transfer to complete.

Thanks to a TechCrunch article that went out yesterday, I can see why:

Because its support eventually led to a mass exodus of customers, the company faced accusations of purposefully slowing down domain transfers, and even got to the point where it had representatives call users transferring domains, begging them to stay.

That’s not all. Other things that we all saw coming:

  • Mass Exodus - Yea, if lil ol’ me transferred, you KNOW tons of others did, too.
  • Spike - This is laughable. Spike is probably a serious understatement.

and finally…

  • Go Daddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities.”

Wrong. Go Daddy opposes SOPA because they pulled a Qwikster. Seriously, don’t sugar coat it, the damage is done.

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