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@Square is more than just a card reader…

It has come to my attention that every company is starting to build their own version of Square.

Guess what ya’ll - Square isn’t just a piece of hardware connected to a mobile phone, running a calculator app. It’s more than that. It’s elegance. It’s actually caring about the user experience from start to finish.

Don’t believe me?

Go to https://squareup.com/, and then visit the landing pages of the other companies that are building their versions. The look and feel of the landing pages are a reflection of what a user is going to feel every time they swipe their card.

Word of advice to you me-toos: You better go all in if you’re trying to go head to head with Square…because if you don’t, you may find Square to be the iPad, while all the rest of you are “the other tablets.”



All this talk about the iPad 3…What about a MacBook Touch?

When are we going to see touch based Apple computers? Clearly the OS is moving in that direction - especially with the Lion line.

I guess what I’m really eager to see is how Apple pulls off a traditionally wonky experience, to a slick one.