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Featured App: Instagram

Congratulations¬†Instagram! You’re the first “Featured” app on my blog…and for good reason.

Since I’ve owned my iPhone, there are just some things I repeatedly do out of sheer habit:

  1. Check Email
  2. Check Facebook
  3. Check for App Store updates
  4. Rinse and Repeat

I have dozens of other apps installed, from video games to social tools, but the 1-4 cycle has never been changed - that is, till Instagram.


At its core, Instagram is an iPhone app that lets you take pictures with your camera’s phone, upload them so your friends can see them, and add Likes/Comments to photos as desired.

But it’s sooo much more than that. Instagram keeps things…

  • Simple - There are a million and one things they could have done to “add” to the experience, but they didn’t. Instead of working on every mobile OS, they went straight with the iPhone and focused on making it awesome. In fact, you can’t even view your photos online…only through the App. It’s almost like they followed Apple’s rule of delivering simple, solid things…when they’re ready.
  • Social - Instagram makes it easy to find other friends via contact list, FB, or search. You can like and comment on photos, and receive notifications when others do the same. FourSquare, Tumblr, Twitter post and check-in support? Yup!
  • Viral - A cool addition to the app is a Popular tab. Here you can find images that have been highly commented or liked. This keeps thing fresh - you can always see what pictures are “trending” in the Instagram world.
  • Convenient - I’ve had so many phones with cameras, but I’ve never really used them. Instgram has changed that. In fact, I wish there was some metrics sheet I could see of how many mobile photos I’ve taken before and after installing Instagram. I bet it’s in the 4 or 5 digit percentile.
  • Pimp - Instagram helps you pimp your pictures. They offer a bunch of fun filters that you can apply to your pictures to make them go from Blah to Retro! You can’t deny it - anything that will make you look good with the click of a button is a good thing. :)

I’ll leave it at that. If you have an Instagram capable phone, I highly suggest you give it a try - you’ll love it…

But you don’t have to take my word for it. #readingrainbow